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Buffalo Hunt Coaster

This roller coaster will have you laughing and screaming as you swing your way through the herd of buffalo. Take careful aim with your six shooter, but don’t forget to hang on tight!! This ride is crazier than it looks!

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Recently voted as the #1 Roller Coaster in the Black Hills! This interactive shooting gallery coaster is one of the most memorable roller coasters will you will have a chance to ride.

Hold onto your hats (or leave them is the car) as this coaster will surprise you with every twist and turn as you free wheel down through the valley and a herd of Buffalo. Each chair is equipped with a state of the art six shooter that can hit over 40 targets that are scattered throughout the herd. Only the best sharp shooter will walk away with the high score of the day. Do you have what it takes to be on the All Time Leader Board? This will be the coaster ride that you will never forget and want to ride every time you come to the Black Hills!

You can purchase your ticket online or when you arrive at the Buffalo Hunt Coaster. We are conveniently located 6 miles south of downtown Rapid City – along the road to Mount Rushmore.

Hours of Operation

Monday – 9am till 6:30pm

Tuesday – 9am till 6:30pm

Wednesday – 9am till 6:30pm

Thursday – 9am till 6:30pm

Friday – 9am till 6:30pm

Saturday – 9am till 6:30pm

Sunday – 9am till 6:30pm

Must be at least 40 inches tall to ride. Maximum combined weight per cart is 395lbs.

We are open 7 days a week weather permitting – we are closed if we have lightning strikes in the area, but re-open once the weather is clear.

1 Hour Wristband (Unlimited Rides)

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