The Dances with Wolves Film Set 

Only 15 miles from Mount Rushmore National Memorial and 5 miles from Rapid City, Fort Hays is the perfect gateway to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Plus we offer FREE admission! Located at Fort Hays is the Dances with Wolves Film Set. Come see firsthand the original buildings used in the Oscar award winning movie. Released on November 21, 1990, Dances with Wolves won Best Picture and 6 additional Academy Awards. Box office sales were well over 424 million dollars. You can leisurely browse the film set and stand were John D Dunbar (Kevin Costner) was given his new posting orders for Fort Hays.  Feel free to take photos and enjoy the South Dakota Film Museum.  Here you will find over 50 movies on display that were filmed in South Dakota.
After you have browsed the film set, continue on down the boardwalk and visit the Supply House and Sawmill, which were also used in Dances with Wolves.  Our Old West Town has many other turn-of-the-century workshops like the Tin Shop, Rope Shop, Blacksmith Shop, Sawmill and Penny Press.  They are sure to keep you entertained.





In 2007 Dances with Wolves was selected for preservation in the United States by the National Film Registry, and the Library of Congress for being culturally significant.



Open mid-May to mid-October

7 days a week from 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM









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Last Updated: 11/17/2015